Stop Image Hotlinking

In a fair world people would create their own unique content or give credit to authors where it’s due. People would be happy and respectful. Everyone would also own a cute fluffy bunny and give strangers a hug on the side walk. This is not a fair world. People like to...

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The Lime Canvas Manifesto

Whataya mean, Manifesto? [lc-quote width=”80%” author=”” position=”.” url=”” img=””]man·i·fes·to noun, plural man·i·fes·toes.a public declaration of intentions,...

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Infographic: Life Hacking

Once again I have found another infographic that I thought was cool enough to share with you Dear Reader! This infographic has no relevance to digital marketing or design but its pretty cool so I’m posting it on a Sunday. If you dislike these Sunday infographics, or...

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Removing the WordPress Version Number

Displaying the WordPress version number in your website’s source code may help hackers target exploits.  Remove it today! To see if your site is displaying a WordPress version number view your site’s home page source (in Chrome press +U). Look towards the top of the...

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