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Learn how well your website is performing for your business. 0713_LC_website-audit-bWe will examine how your site is performing in three main Inbound Marketing areas that allow us to determine how useful your website is for your business.

We believe your website should be the hardest working sales and marketing asset your business has. Below are the three key areas we will examine:

1 – Attract

The Top of the funnel analysis is about figuring out how “findable” your website is. Its about lead generation and how easy it is for new prospects and leads to find your business online.

2 – Convert

The middle of the funnel is all about converting your traffic (prospects) into leads with high quality content, and then into customers with Lead Nurturing.

3 – Optimise

Are you analysing what’s happening on your website? Without measuring your successes and failures you not in control of what is happening with your company digitally! Understanding how many visits, leads, and eventual customers your marketing generates is absolutely critical.

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