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Welcome to our Top Viral Videos series of posts. Each and every week we here at WSM will source and publish 2 uber cool, viral video’s that promote a company, brand or product. We hope they will entertain, enlighten and open your mind to the possibilities that exist when creative thinking and the right team of people come together to produce a promotional video. So sit back and take 5 minutes to enjoy these videos.

T-Mobile Angry Birds Live

Cashing in on the popularity of the game that pretty much revolutionised the smart phone gaming experience T-Mobile went above and beyond with an offline “live” and staged version of the Angry Birds game. Taking over a square in Barcelona in 2011 they setup a massive set and let the public use a smart phone to fire Angry Birds at their mortal enemies – the pigs!

Judging by the number of people in the crowd by the end of the video, and the fact that since it went live over 13 million people have viewed it, the campaign seems to have been a hugely successful one. Take a look and judge for yourself. – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

This tongue in cheek video is highly entertaining and takes a number of shots at the big expensive men’s shaving product brands. Specifically the price point the blades seem to sell at. By contrast to some of the very expensive viral video’s (like the angry birds video above) this one was created with a low budget but high creativity and great writing.


What do you make of this weeks top viral videos? Any take-away’s you could use in your own business?