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There’s a couple of things that shoot straight into my mind when I hear the word ”Google”. Naturally the first is the home page. Like a lot of you I use it probably 20-30 times a day and have been doing so for a far back as I can remember.  The image of that home page is branded onto the back of my eyelids at this stage.

The second is the perks of working at Google. We’ve all seen images that give us a sneak peek into what it’s like to work in one of their offices. A number of these images spring to mind the most notable being a room filled with Xboxes, pool tables and red bean bags. But these are the images that Google want us to see. What would an anonymous Google employee say about life at the world’s biggest search engine?

Well, the wait’s finally over. In response to a Reddit user asking for a Google employee to do a Q and A a software engineer from Google answered the calling. His hiring process began with “an internship, which involved submitting a resume and passing two phone interviews.” When this ended he moved on to do “a conversion which involved several more interviews plus the feedback from my internship.”

A number of questions were asked about the ethics of the Google hiring process, the first question was in relation to the “ladies of
Google”. The question asked was about the ”% of women you work with that are software engineers”. To this he replied “I don’t know what the percentage is. I work with some extremely talented women, though.”

On the subject of ageism one poster queried “it seems like there is only a small population of software engineers over the age of 40. Do you know what happens to them or is this just a myth?” to which he replied, “Google actually has an internal group just for older folks (along with all sorts of other demographics). From what I understand, they do everything they can to prevent anyone from being discriminated against due to age. But I don’t work for HR so I can’t give you a very detailed answer.”

When it came to the topic of the average amount of time per week spent in office it ranged from 35 to 40 but he stated that this varied, “More when I’m more excited about work. Less when I’m not.”

Our favourite question:  Do you solve most of your problems at work by Googling them?

To which the answer was, “A surprising number. It’s kind of scary. :)”

Our favourite answer: (In reply to) How encouraged is daytime (or anytime) napping?

To which the answer was, “there are napping pods specifically designed for that purpose! Many offices also have quiet rooms where you can go recline way back in a comfy chair and nap.” Check out the full Q and A .

If you were working at Google which perk would you use the most? Have you ever applied for a job at Google?